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A perfect cup of tea for relaxation, energy and immunity. Tulsi & Cinammon green tea is here to soothe your congestion and make you feel refreshed! With the goodness of high grown green tea blended with natural tulsi, black pepper, cinnamon and peppermint, this tea is a must-have for your daily health routine. Experience the power of natural ingredients to help your mind and body to relax and stay energized. Get your Tulsi & Cinammon green tea today!

AVAILABLE AS: 25 Teabags

Steeping Notes: For one cup of tea, steep one teabag in hot water for 2-3 minutes to adjust the strength according to your preference. You can add honey for sweetness, if desired.

Tea Benefit: This blend contains herbs that have been used from ancient times to rejuvenate and repair the body. This blend has Basil (Tulsi), Cinammon and other beneficial herbs in a perfect combination with high grown green tea.

Tracebility: Each lot of tea that has gone into this pack is traceable to the small tea estate from which it was sourced by Iron Kettle. Scan the QR code on the pack and get to know the farmer who brought you this exceptional tea.

Iron Kettle is on a Journey to Make the Small Tea Grower a Respected Special Tea Grower.

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The Iron Kettle Difference

Small Tea Grower

We work exclusively with small growers, introducing them to agronomy best practices

Quality from Fine Leaf Count

We have brought back attention to plucking standards to deliver a minimum fine leaf count of 60%

Bespoke Production

We process small batches in dedicated factories to ensure superior quality.

Digital Traceability

We enable every microlot to be tracked digitally in its journey from the bush to cup.