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Iron Kettle is on a Journey to Make the Small Tea Grower a Respected Special Tea Grower.

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Embrace Winter Warmth with Our Cozy Collection : Unveiling the Must-Have Winter Teas

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Kashmiri Kahwa Green Chai

Sip on the exotic blend of blend of cardamom, clove, cinnamon, rose, fennel, saffron and almond paired with high grown green tea. A soothing elixir, delicate yet invigorating, leaving a comforting, aromatic trail and evoking the essence of the majestic Kashmir Valley in each cup.

Turmeric & Amla Green Chai

A supercharge blend of Green Tea, Turmeric, Amla, Giloy and other herbs. Keep yourself energized with rich antioxidants and immunity boosting benefits with each sip.

Pepper & Pippali Green Chai

A delicious twist with an instant relief from sore throat and related symptoms. A fusion of nature's best like Black pepper, Pippali (Long Pepper), Lemongrass, Plumbago and Ginger in a perfect combination with high grown green tea.

Turmeric Tulsi Green Chai

Indulge in the golden warmth of turmeric and the soothing essence of tulsi with high grown green tea. A harmonious blend with earthy undertones, delivering a refreshing zest and a powerhouse of antioxidants, fostering wellness and vitality with each sip.

Delight in our Teas

Our teas are made with the finest ingredients, so you can delight in every sip. Whether you're looking for a bliss morning or a relaxing evening cup pick-me-up, We have a tea that will delight your senses

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Here's why you can trust us

Small Tea Grower

We work exclusively with small growers, introducing them to agronomy best practices

Quality from Fine Leaf Count

We have brought back attention to plucking standards to deliver a minimum fine leaf count of 60%

Bespoke Production

We process small batches in dedicated factories to ensure superior quality.

Digital Traceability

We enable every microlot to be tracked digitally in its journey from the bush to cup.


Farmers & Counting


Min. Fine Leaf Count


Hectare Cultivation Land


Digital Traceability

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