Connoisseur's Delight - Limited Edition Special Tea Assortment, Pack of 3

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Brass Poems on Wood

Taarkashi, derived from the word taar, or wire in Hindi, and refers to the age-old technique of inlaying flattened brass, silver, or gold wire in wood. This distinct craft from Jaipur is practiced by a select few. The box in your possession is the masterful work of acclaimed craftsman Mohanlal Sharma, who has been practicing this craft for 40 years. Following in his footsteps, his 19 years old son Navin, is taking Taarkashi to greater prominence.

This keepsake embodies our dedication to helping traditional artisans find a voice of their own and ensure the growth and longevity of their craft. We thank you for joining in our endeavor to help give the respect and dignity, our local crafts deserve. We hope this beautiful handcrafted Sheesham inlay box uplifts your spirits and makes your tea experience timeless.

Iron Kettle is on a Journey to Make the Small Tea Grower a Respected Special Tea Grower.

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The Iron Kettle Difference

Small Tea Grower

We work exclusively with small growers, introducing them to agronomy best practices

Quality from Fine Leaf Count

We have brought back attention to plucking standards to deliver a minimum fine leaf count of 60%

Bespoke Production

We process small batches in dedicated factories to ensure superior quality.

Digital Traceability

We enable every microlot to be tracked digitally in its journey from the bush to cup.